Q I want to rent a yacht for a few days and cruise the Andaman sea, but I am not quite sure how to choose the right boat?

A No problem, that is what we are for. Simply let us know your need and we will find the yacht that best suits your needs.

Q Do you own all boats you rent?

A No we don’t. We understand our role and value in delivering the best advise we can and find the right boat. We are on your side and not on the boat owners side. In fact, there are several boats in Phuket that we would not recommend to you based on our experience.

Q Are you an agent? Doesn’t make that my yacht rental more expensive?

A Yes, we are an agent. We have known Phuket for more than 10 years and know our way around very well and are happy to share our experience with you. Pricing will not be higher than booking from boat owners directly. But while a boat owner will obviously always recommend his own boat to you, we will recommend the boat that best meets your needs.

Q I am interested in additional services. Can you arrange transfers and accommodation?

A Let us know what you need. We are happy to custom tailor your personal yacht charter package, from airport to airport if you like.

Q What do I have to know about Yacht Rental with Phuket Yacht Charters?

A Living in Thailand is speaking ‘Heart Talk’ – ‘Jai’ the Thai word for “heart” is referred to many ways of life. When Westerners would listen to their head it is that Thais listen to their heart and have to feel ‘Sabai Jai’ – literally translated to ‘Pleasant Heart’ with their choices of sailing boat for your Andaman Yacht Charter Holidays. This is how we would like you to feel about us as you yacht charter company in Phuket Thailand for your liveaboard charter holidays.

Q Can I book liveaboard charters in Patong Beach?

A Certainly – we can arrange to meet you in Patong Beach while our offices and most of our boats are located in the bay of Chalong and the Phuket Marina. But even easier – use our convenient Phuket Yacht Charter Booking Form.

You still have questions? Or suggestions? Please contact us at our Contact Us Form.